The popularity of cycling on Hvar is undoubtedly on the rise. It makes sense, because where else in the world can you enjoy such diverse trails and spectacular landscape?

Easy coastal trails in and around Stari Grad and the unique opportunity to ride your bike through a World Heritage Site, as well as more challenging trails on the old road to Hvar, make our town and the entire island a true cycling paradise.

When we add to it well-marked bike trails, charts, amenities on all stations, fairy tale scenes from nature and kind hosts, we have the perfect exciting cycling destination!

This trail spans the entire length of the Kabal peninsula, also a protected landscape. The main characteristic of this trail is the experience for your senses of smell and taste.  No matter the season while riding this trail you’ll be constantly be surprised with new fragrances. Bearberry trees, which simultaneously bloom and give tasteful fruits, grow along the entire length of the trail.

Trail length: 22,22 km
Altitude difference: 125 m


Since ancient times, generations of islanders left their mark on the Pharos Hora or Ager – the largest plain on the Croatian islands and the best preserved Greek plot division system in the Mediterranean. Because of this preserved plot division system, the Plain was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2008.

Cycling through this unique monument of culture and civilisation, which is to this day a meeting place for people who cultivate the land and harvest the fruits of their labour just as their ancestors did, will make you want to ride the trail again just to make sure you discover all the details which will fuel your imagination and encourage you to think about the events which took place throughout history.

Trail length: 11,49
Altitude difference: 62 m

You will complete the Ager bike trail by biking through the villages on the south side of the Pharos Hora, scattered on the hills from which the villagers could observe their fields.


Trail length: 24,14 m
Altitude difference: 170 m


The Purkin Kuk trail takes us to the highest point of the island – St. Nicholas’ Peak (628 m). Purkin Kuk is the hardest trail, but your efforts will be rewarded with the most beautiful view of a vast sea, neighbouring islands, islets and cliffs sloping from the top of the south side towards the sea.

At the very beginning of the trail you’ll see an incredible sight: slopes of hills and hummocks divided by dry stone walls built by people for centuries and surrounding the lavender plantations.

Trail length: 23,20 m

Altitude difference: 523 m

Trail through Stari Grad Plain

Vrboska • Basina • Stari Grad Plain • Vrboska

This circular trail located in the centre of the island is for the main part a macadam road and is 16,3 km long. Most of the trail passes through the Stari Grad Plain and the neighbouring villages. The trail starts in Vrboska, turns north over the bridge and channel to the macadam road, leading through the olive groves and the pine forest to the bays of Maslinica, Basina and Borova, and then continues southbound to the Stari Grad Plain. The trail turns east before reaching Stari Grad, and leads back to Vrboska where it ends.

Length: 16,30 m
Asphalt: 7,80 km/47,85%
Macadam: 8,50 km/52,15%
Lowest point: 1 m
Highest point: 77 m
Altitude: 180 m

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Novosti za vlasnike kuća ili stanova za odmor

Propisi za vlasnike kuća ili stanova za odmor

Vlasnici kuća ili stanova za odmor na području grada Starog Grada, Rudina, Vrbanja, Dola, Basine, Selci dužni su se prijaviti u Turističkoj zajednici grada Staroga Grada te platiti boravišnu pristojbu za vrijeme boravka u kući ili stanu za odmor.
Prilikom prijave boravka u Turističkoj zajednici potrebno je donjeti putovnicu ili osobnu iskaznicu svih članova uže obitelji koji prijavljuju boravak u kući ili stanu.