If you were delighted by the landscapes of Hvar, keep in mind that its underwater world is equally interesting and diverse. Join the Nautica Centre team and experience the magical world of the Adriatic sea, accompanied by experienced instructors.
Meet the sea sponges, corals, octopuses and the various species of fish inhabiting the area, and take an unforgettable new experience home with you.
The centre organises classes for beginners as well as expert divers.

Contact:  NAUTICA DIVING Centar; Hoteli Helios, Priko; 21460 Stari Grad
Phone: +385 (0)21 743 038, cell. +385 91 22 66 125
Website: http://divinghvar.com/
E-mail: hvar@nautica.pl

Cape Kabal is located on the east side of the Stari Grad bay, and the most interesting attraction for the divers is the tunnel in the cape itself, right underneath the lighthouse.
The entrance to the tunnel can be found at the depth of 9 meters, while the exit at 17 meters on the other side. The tunnel itself is around 25 meters long. Aside from the tunnel, the whole area is interesting to divers because already at 7-8 meters of depth the terrain falls to 50 meters below sea level.
The location has an extremely rich flora and fauna so you can see schools of  two-banded sea breams, cow breams and beautiful specimens of striped red mullet.
This dive is recommended for more experienced divers.

The Smočiguzica cape is located on the northeast coast of the Kabal peninsula, approximately half way between Stari Grad and Jelsa. It’s best to anchor the boat  at 50 meters from the cape, in a bay well protected from the northwest winds. The bay itself is has interesting things to offer to divers of all categories, such as a reef rising from the cape’s very tip. If you start from the shore, the terrain descends to 17 meters with a protruding rock 10 meters high and about 30 meters in diameter on the edge of the stairs, after which the terrain steeply falls to 45-55 meters in depth. The wall is full of holes, many of which are homes to congers, lobsters and scorpionfish. Perhaps its most impressive feature is the view from the top of the reef into the sea abyss. The upper portion, up to 20 meters of depth, is ideal for beginners while the deeper area is recommended for more experienced divers.

Located two nautical miles from the Smočiguzica Cape is the Tatinja Bay. Its east side is home to the remains of a sunken ship which, according to available data, sank somewhere between 1813 and 1815. Some of its cargo, consisting mainly of ceramic dishes, can still be found at 30 meters of depth. With a bit of luck one may also find a coin carrying the Austro-Hungarian coat of arms.

The Zala port lies east of Tatinja Bay. Zala Port is interesting because of the wall on its west shore, starting from the shore and stretching north. All categories of divers will find it interesting because it starts at only few meters deep, and then plummets down to 50 meters. Experienced divers will be thrilled.

Pelegrin Bay is home to a hidden sunken ship from World War II. You can drop your anchor along the west side of the bay and start your expedition. The sandy soil might make your search a little bit difficult, but when you come close enough you’ll easily spot the prow of this 30 meter long ship protruding from the seabed. The wreckage can be found close to the entrance to the bay, on its left side at about 18 meters deep. The maximum dive depth is 30 meters, and whether or not you’ll be able to see the wreck depends on the clearness of the sea that day.

One of the most popular diving destinations is Vodnjak, the last of the Pakleni islands, opposite Hvar town. Vodnjak was recently the subject of news headlines because its mayor’s suggestion that it be renamed “Facebook Island”. However, the divers are more interested in the Red Gorgonian which can be found at 15-30 meters, and the 5-meter-long tunnel located underneath the Campanila, a tower rising out of nowhere, at about 10 meters below the surface.

Its 70 meters long wall at a depth of 30 meters, and a hidden cave at only 5 meter below the surface, along with a very lively underwater life, makes Vela Garska an excellent choice for beginners.

In this great, chimney-shaped diving spot, which you’ll enter at 30 meters and exit at 11 meters, and see scorpionfish, muraena and sometimes even lobster. The chimney has cracks in its upper portions which enables sunlight to create spectacular effects.

Anchor wall is a 35-40 meter dive at the end of which you’ll find the admiral’s anchor hanging from the edge of the cliff – an ideal place to encounter a lobster, gilthead or the sleeping shark – kostelj.

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Rad tijela TZ Stari Grad

Novosti za vlasnike kuća ili stanova za odmor

Propisi za vlasnike kuća ili stanova za odmor

Vlasnici kuća ili stanova za odmor na području grada Starog Grada, Rudina, Vrbanja, Dola, Basine, Selci dužni su se prijaviti u Turističkoj zajednici grada Staroga Grada te platiti boravišnu pristojbu za vrijeme boravka u kući ili stanu za odmor.
Prilikom prijave boravka u Turističkoj zajednici potrebno je donjeti putovnicu ili osobnu iskaznicu svih članova uže obitelji koji prijavljuju boravak u kući ili stanu.
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