Visit Days in the Bay - Stari Grad, Hvar island
Traditional Boats, Sea & Sailors Festival - 22.09-25.09.
Visit Days in the Bay - Stari Grad, Hvar island
Traditional Boats, Sea & Sailors Festival - 21.09-25.09.

Unique Boat Festival

4 days of traditional boats, sea & sailors events & The night parade with fireworks

Stunning location

Stari Grad, Hvar - One of the most beautiful European islands

Rich offer of the events

Live concerts, gastro events with tasty delicacies & Top wine ... and much more!

Visit The International Festival of Boats, Sea & Sailors – 22.09-25.09


Join us on this unique 4-day event that takes place every 2 years in the Bay of Stari Grad, Hvar island. During the Festival, the Stari Grad Bay transforms into a picturesque stage filled with traditional boats –  while you can enjoy gastro delicacies, workshops, exhibitions and concerts.



Arrival of ships during the day
11:00 Opening of the festival village on the waterfront, friendly cities Samobor and Rugvica, Republic of Slovenia, Associations of Palagruža, Association of Boatmen of Neretva and Southern Side, Jezera
11:00 – 13:00, 17:30 – 20:00 Lošinj loger Nerezinac Interpretation center of the maritime heritage of the island of Lošinj (below deck)
12:00 Slovenian traditional boats, promotional sailing in Vala
17:00 The island’s population migration flows trough the centuries & Shipbuilding and fishery on island Hvar, presentations in English in Čitovnica
18:00 Promotional rowing: Croatian Navy cutter, Neretva boat and Slovenian TOPO with female crews
20:30 Croatian town music Stari Grad and Faros singers, concert, Tvrdalj square

10:00 – 21:00 Programs and workshops in the festival village, waterfront
10:00 – 12:00, 17:30 – 20:00 Lošinj Loger Nerezinac and Interpretation Center of the Maritime Heritage of the Island of Lošinj (below deck)
11:00 Ceremonial parade, festival procession of all participants, waterfront
11:15 Opening of the festival, cannon shots, Gunners of St. Roch from Sutivan, Tvrdalj square
11:30 View of the traditional festival fleet, waterfront
12:00 Promotional sailing, associations from the island of Murter: Latinsko idro and the South Side of the Lake, association Frkata from Pašman and Komiža falkusha.
12:30 Promotional sailing, Coordination of associations for the preservation and revitalization of the maritime, fishing and shipbuilding heritage of Kvarner and Istria and the Nerezinac camp
13:00 Promotional sailing and rowing, Slovenian traditional boats, HRM navy cutter and Neretva boat
16:00 Regatta of Komiža gundulas, qualifications
16:30 Lectures and presentations, Reading room
17:30 Promotional sailing and rowing, associations from the island of Hvar, Lantina Vrboska and Hvar metropolis of the sea along with other individual festival participants.
18:00 Slovenian Day, festival village on the Riva
20:00 KUD Posavka, Oborovo, Tvrdalj square
20:30 Linđo folklore ensemble from Dubrovnik, all-night concert, Tvrdalj square

08:30 Holy Mass for sailors, church of St. Nicholas
10:00 – 21:00 Programs and workshops in the festival village, waterfront
11:00 Departure of the entire festival fleet, promotional sailing and rowing to Zavala bay and back
11:30 Model boats regatta, JK Mornar, waterfront
16:00 Regatta of Komiža boats, final
17:30 Traditional sails of Kvarner and Istria and the Kvarner maritime heritage brand, presentation at the Nerezinac loger, waterfront
19:00 Promenade performance of the folklore group “Starogrojčica”, waterfront
20:15 Mixed klapa Sv Duh, Vrbanj, concert, Tvrdalj square
21:00 “Dance of sails and lights”, Stari Grad bay
21:30 ABBA real tribute band, all-night concert, Tvrdalj square
23:30 After party, “Euphorija” group, Tvrdalj Square


Take a look at the ambiance of Stari Grad, the bay and the best moments from the past events.

For every new festival event, we do our best to make it even better than the previous one!


While on festival, you can also enjoy the unique beauty of Hvar island and Stari Grad.

  • Explore the maze of picturesque Stari Grad streets and listen to the magical sounds of folk singers
  • Discover the hidden treasures of traditional taverns, galleries, courtyards and gardens
  • Take a walk along the beautiful bay and discover an oasis of local beaches and coves
  • .. and, of course, treat yourself to tasty Dalmatian delicacies and the top quality local wine

Join us and let yourself be filled with the Mediterranean energy of sea & sun!


For all the questions regarding event, accommodation or anything else – please feel free to send us a message:

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