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A unique off-road driving experience immersed in the scent of lavender fields and centuries-old olive groves and vineyards. Get to know the undiscovered areas and inaccessible paths travelled by the ancient Greeks, and find out why the name Hvar comes from the Greek word Pharos.

Throughout this unforgettable experience you’ll be guided by a professional fisherman with many years of experience who’ll introduce you to various fishing tools and techniques such as longlines, nets, spikes, fishing rods and so-called. middle game and big game fishing.

The catch will remains on the boat, but you’ll have the option to have fish prepared on board, bought at an agreed price or stored at one of the restaurants of your choice.

Steer your kayak with gentle strokes of the paddles and sail from shore to shore, getting to know the beauty of Hvar Island, above and below the sea surface.

Becauce it has more than a 1000 islands, islets, cliffs and reefs, the Croatian coast is perfectly suited to all needs of yachtsmen, regardless of their level of experience. Tailor a trip just for you in one of Stari Grad’s or Hvar Island’s charter agencies, in the duration of one, two or seven days.

Due to its natural resources and the diversity of the terrain configuration, Hvar Island represents the perfect backdrop for beginner climbers, but also for those more experienced.

Almost all climbs are located on the very coast of the Adriatic sea and are famous for the largest number of sunny days with beautiful views of the landscape.
This activity is also special because of the fact that you can enjoy it in Winter as well.

SUP is a fun and easy way to enjoy the sea. It doesn’t require any previous experience and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. SUP offers incredible full-body training and is a favorite activity for skiers, snowboarders and other athletes. As you stand at your full height, you will enjoy a great view: from sea creatures to ships on the horizon. You could almost say you’re walking on water.

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Rad tijela TZ Stari Grad

Novosti za vlasnike kuća ili stanova za odmor

Propisi za vlasnike kuća ili stanova za odmor

Vlasnici kuća ili stanova za odmor na području grada Starog Grada, Rudina, Vrbanja, Dola, Basine, Selci dužni su se prijaviti u Turističkoj zajednici grada Staroga Grada te platiti boravišnu pristojbu za vrijeme boravka u kući ili stanu za odmor.
Prilikom prijave boravka u Turističkoj zajednici potrebno je donjeti putovnicu ili osobnu iskaznicu svih članova uže obitelji koji prijavljuju boravak u kući ili stanu.
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