We are in love with Hvar as it used to be and all that our ancestors left us with. With daily capsules that we have created for you that bear the name PAST TIME PERFECT, we intend to bring to you the experience of the Hvar past in the Hvar present. We’ll stop at nothing in our endeavors. We use the senses of taste and smell, sounds and colors, the beauty of hidden spaces, the presence of our beloved islanders, the enchanting nature, but also very intimate personal feelings, such as the sense of belonging to this island.

This is our favorite capsule, our favorite day, precisely because it blends past and future, because it believes in tomorrow. It is an opportunity for you to leave something really worthwhile on Hvar – the tree we plant together will be waiting for you in the same place when everything else is gone.

P.S. We’ll just note that, to experience the full sensation or šenzacijun, you’ll need to absorb all seven capsules.

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Rad tijela TZ Stari Grad

Novosti za vlasnike kuća ili stanova za odmor

Propisi za vlasnike kuća ili stanova za odmor

Vlasnici kuća ili stanova za odmor na području grada Starog Grada, Rudina, Vrbanja, Dola, Basine, Selci dužni su se prijaviti u Turističkoj zajednici grada Staroga Grada te platiti boravišnu pristojbu za vrijeme boravka u kući ili stanu za odmor.
Prilikom prijave boravka u Turističkoj zajednici potrebno je donjeti putovnicu ili osobnu iskaznicu svih članova uže obitelji koji prijavljuju boravak u kući ili stanu.
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